Michael Promoted to Technical Operations Manager

We are very happy to announce the promotion of Michael Gmuer as our Technical Operations Manager. His skill in structuring and solving digital problems comes from a career in a wide range of electronic and internet based fields. Over the past year with Gmuer Engineering, many of you have worked with Mike and seen him become an integral part of our normal civil engineering workflows. However, behind the scenes, he has become integral in implementing our technology driven vision. He developed our rapid production laser cut 3D color site plan models, 3D extrusion printing, optimizing our equipment for our engineering workflows, helps with our targeted marketing efforts, and I could go on and on. We are very thankful to have him. Also, if you noticed his last name, yes, he’s my brother. For the past decade I’ve been trying to find a way to work with him and it finally happened - I couldn’t be happier. If you would like to reach Mike, please feel free to email him at mikeg@gmuereng.com or at (352) 593-3145.