Hidden Uses in Zoning

You can find hidden uses on property if you know what you're looking for. Let's say I wanted to build a civil engineering office in Lake City. I found a perfect piece of property but it was zoned CHI. In Lake City, this zoning would not allow professional offices. But if I looked one step further, I would notice the property was actually zoned CHI (County) and there's my solution. See the included example images.

Sometimes when the City annexes land, they never get around to changing the zoning. In some cases, it isn't worth it for the City to go through the trouble. But when you find it, it could be to your advantage. It means that County standards still apply giving you more flexibility.

In our example, following Columbia County zoning for CHI zoning means that professional services are an allowed use and I could build an office. I attached excerpts from both the City and County code and highlighted the differences.

If you still can't find the use you need on the property you want, you still have plenty of options. You can come to us to make an application to the City to change zoning, apply for a special exception, or other means to assure your investment. Let us know if we can help you.

by Chris Gmuer
(352) 281-4928 - gmuereng.com