Paving at Hidden Oak Elementary

Paving was almost done at the Hidden Oak Elementary Parking Lot project during the Thanksgiving week. I'm sure it was a good time to avoid school traffic as you bring in asphalt. great job Hipp Construction!


Hidden Oak Elementary Starts Parking Lot Construction

Hidden Oak Elementary School needed to pave an existing overflow parking lot that over the years had gained more use. We helped the facilities department and the school's principal respond to feedback from parents and faculty in order to develop a long term solution. Phase 1 added 76 paved spaces (currently under construction) and addresses the initial paving of the lot, maintaining trees where possible, and providing stormwater treatment in close proximity of the source. Phase 2 is a future phase to revise the flow of morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. It was great working with this team. Hope to have pictures of the finished project very soon! 
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Rendering of site plan showing both Phase 1 and 2

Rendering of site plan showing both Phase 1 and 2

Chi Omega Finished Construction

Joyner Construction did a great job delivering this project in great form and on time. See my previous post to see it at the start. What a great design team. See the Full Project Write-Up and Pictures.

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