UF IFAS Live Oak Equipment Storage Building

UF IFAS has facilities around the state that GmuerEng provides engineering plans and permitting for expansions, maintenance, and new facilities. The Live Oak facility needed a storage facility and workroom for farm implements, tractors, and the prep associated with their use. GmuerEng permitted the plan with the SRWMD and provided site plans for construction.

SE 5th Ave Striping Plan

The success of Depot Park has been extraordinary with events bringing the whole City to the park to enjoy the facility and the spectacular pop up entertainment. The influx into this historically industrial area of the City meant that we now needed to consider the active right-of-way use by the community instead of just transportation. To facilitate these events, Gmuer Engineering prepared a re-striping plan for the CRA that would be put into effect Public Works following their repaving of the SE 5th Ave. The before and after was amazing.

University of Florida Traffic Signs and Islands

We had a great opportunity to help UF Transportation and Parking replace two existing vehicle exclusion zone gates with flashing signs posts. The installations maintain circulation of service, bus, and emergency vehicle access while keeping standard traffic out of these high pedestrian traffic areas. A great project we were happy to help with.

Newberry RIVER Grant Utilities

The City of Newberry received a Grant from the SRWMD for the construction of 120 feet of 8" Water Main that includes a portion of directional bore under US 27 as well as the installation of 550 feet of 8" PVC Sewer Main with Manholes along with new sewer laterals to the 9 services that includes both private residenses and commercial businesses. Gmuer Engineering facilitated the design, defined the survey scope and clarified the route, revised the proposed design to provide greater fire coverage with a proposed fire hydrant, and delineation of a proposed public utility easement.

Newberry 12 inch Watermain Extension along SR26

The City of Newberry needed to extend of 12" water main from the intersection of Newberry Lane and NW 238th Terrace running east 10,600 Ft (2 Miles) along SR26 to the proposed Destiny Community Church site. Gmuer Engineering facilitated the design of the route, confirmed land rights requirements, planned for a future sewer route and easement rights, designed four 12" directional bores, permitted the system with FDEP and FDOT, and certified the system for operation upon completion of construction. The project now provides access to potable and fire protection for 2 miles of north and south frontage along SR 26.

City of Newberry
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Hidden Oak Elementary School Parking Lot Improvement

The needed to pave an existing overflow parking lot that over the years had gained more use. We helped the facilities department and the school's principal respond to feedback from parents and faculty in order to develop a long term solution. Phase 1 added 76 paved spaces (currently under construction) and addresses the initial paving of the lot, maintaining trees where possible, and providing stormwater treatment in close proximity of the source. Phase 2 is a future phase to revise the flow of morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. It was great working with this team.

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Newberry Lane Resurfacing

This project involved the preparation of schematic plans for the resurfacing of the majority of Newberry Lane - 3,600ft - between US27 and SR26 in the City of Newberry. This was the first project Gmuer Engineering designed for the City and has lead to several followup projects. These pictures are from before construction back in May 2016 and the finished project in December 2016. Construction consisted of base repair in limited areas, milling, resurfacing, driveway aprons, striping, and rumble strip replacement for safety. JWW Construction made the work look easy.